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# [[User:Tobin|Tobin]] - mailto:tjrichard@optushome.com.au
# [[User:Tobin|Tobin]] - mailto:tjrichard@optushome.com.au
# [[User:Morgant|Morgant]]

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Not all of the Cunnan admins will list themselves here but if they do it means that they are happy to be identified as admins and will try to answer the questions of new users.

Admins can do some things that normal users cannot, they can rename pages and links, delete pages, block vandals from making edits and lock the entire site (so no one can make edits).

People can become admins once they have been around for a while and have shown themselves to be useful members of the group. If you think you or someone else should become an admin then leave a note on this articles talk page.

  1. Tobin - mailto:tjrichard@optushome.com.au
  2. Morgant