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#REDIRECT [[Crown Tourney (Lochac)]]
In [[Lochac]] the second [[crown tournament]] of the year is the '''November Crown tourney'''. It took the place of Lochac's November Coronet tourney when Lochac became a [[kingdom]].
<table border cellpadding=10 cellspacing=0>
<tr align=center>
<th>[[Anno Societatus|SCA year]]</th>
<th>Hosting Group</th>
<tr align=center>
<td>[[A.S. XXXVII]]</td>
<td>Cornelius von Becke</td>
<td>Morwynna Branwynt</td>
<tr align=center>
<td>[[A.S. XXXVIII]]</td>
<td>dward Stdefste</td>
<td>Yolande Kesteven</td>
<tr align=center>
<td>[[A.S. XXXIX]]</td>
<td>[[Barony of Ildhafn]]</td>
<td>Stephen Aldred of Roxley</td>
<td>Mathilde Adycote of Mynheniot</td>
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