Crown Tourney (Lochac)

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In Lochac the first crown tournament of the year is the May Crown tourney. The second crown tournament of the year is the November Crown tourney. They took the place of Lochac's May and November Coronet tourneys when Lochac became a kingdom.

Note that the first ever Lochac Crown tourney in A.S. XXXVII took place at Rowany Festival rather than at a May Crown tourney.


SCA year Hosting Group Victor Consort
A.S. XXXVII Barony of Rowany Alfar of Attica Elspeth Turberville
A.S. XXXVII Barony of Innilgard Cornelius von Becke Morwynna Branwynt
A.S. XXXVIII Shire of Arrowsreach Alaric of Bangor Nerissa de Saye
A.S. XXXVIII Barony of Aneala Ædward Stædfaste Yolande Kesteven
A.S. XXXIX Barony of Politarchopolis Draco of Jorvik Serena of the Black Ness
A.S. XXXIX Barony of Ildhafn Stephen Aldred of Roxley Mathilde Adycote of Mynheniot
A.S. XL Barony of St Florian de la Riviere Cornelius von Becke Morwynna Branwynt
A.S. XL Barony of Rowany Ædward Stædfaste Yolande Kesteven
A.S. XLI Shire of Bordescros Draco of Jorvic Asa Beiskalda (Serena of the Black Ness)
A.S. XLI Barony of Ynys Fawr Alfar of Attica Guðrun Bodvarsdottir (Elspeth Turberville)
A.S. XLII Barony of Politarchopolis Hugh the Little Therasa Comins
A.S. XLII Canton of Castellum Montanum Berengar of Nancy Bethan of Brockwood
A.S. XLIII Dartonshire Siridean MacLachlan Siban ingen Robartaig
A.S. XLIII Barony of Innilgard Theuderic Batavii Engelin Teufel
A.S. XLIV Shire of Darton Gabriel de Beaumont Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora
A.S. XLIV Barony of Southron Gaard