Crown Tourney (Lochac)

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In Lochac the first crown tournament of the year is the May Crown tourney. It took the place of Lochac's May Coronet tourney when Lochac became a kingdom. Note that the first ever Lochac Crown tourney in A.S. XXXVII took place at Rowany Festival rather than at a May Crown tourney.


SCA year Hosting Group Victor Consort
A.S. XXXVIII Shire of Arrowsreach Alaric Nerissa
A.S. XXXIX Barony of Politarchopolis Draco Serena
A.S. XL Barony of St Florian de la Riviere Cornelius Morwynna
A.S. XLI Shire of Bordescros Draco Serena
A.S. XLII Barony of Politarchopolis Hugh Therese
A.S. XLIII Shire of Darton