Crotoun (recipe)

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Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury.

Take the offal of Capouns oþ�er of o�ere briddes. make hem clene and parboile hem. take hem up and dyce hem. take swete cowe mylke and cast �þerinne. and lat it boile. take Payndemayn and of þ�e self mylke and drawe thurgh a cloth and cast it in a pot and lat it seeþ�, take ayren ysode. hewe the white and cast �þerto, and alye the sewe with zolkes of ayren rawe. colour it with safron. take the zolkes and fry hem and florish hem �erwith and with powdour douce.


  • Crotoun. Ms. Ed. 24. has Craytoun, but a different dish.
  • Payndemayn. Whitebread. V. ad No. 41.