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The Corsairium is a Chartered Nautical Guild in the Kingdom of Atlantia. The guild was founded under the auspices of researching and promoting period nautical and naval knowledge in the Kingdom.

The guilds charter states the purpose of the guild as "The Corsairium is a guild dedicated to the research, development and teaching of the nautical aspects of history and how it relates to the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). As we are a guild operating within the confines of the SCA, we will keep our focus on the years prior to 1601ce, with our emphasis on all aspects of privateering within that period."

The guildmaster is given the title of Admiral and also is given the non-period title of Drax.

Current Ships and Captains

  • The Scoundrel - Admiral Nichola Buscelli (Draxus Tertius and Current Guildmaster)
  • The Raptor - Captain Jack Black of Flint
  • The Sea Wolf - Captain Brandon Caiside
  • The Alyssa-Lynn - Captain Thorgrimmr inn Kyrri
  • The Lyon Slayer - Captain Otto von Schwyz
  • The Carnage - Captain Yusef Ibn Hassan (Draxus Primus and Founder)
  • The Sea Stalker - Captain Ronan MacStalker (Draxus Archonus)