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==Cornet ([[heraldry]])==
==Cornet ([[heraldry]])==
In the [[SCA]], a '''cornet''' is a [[herald]]-in-training.
In the [[SCA]], a '''cornet''' is a [[herald]]-in-training. In the [[Kingdom of Lochac]], this term has been replaced by [[macer]].
==Cornet ([[combat]])==
==Cornet ([[combat]])==

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Cornet (clothing)

A cornet is a conical hat or headdress worn by medieval women. My meager references disagree on what century is appropriate.

Cornet (regalia)

A cornet is an obscure form of coronet, a type of crown.

Cornet (music)

A cornet is a musical instrument, a type of horn closely related to the trumpet, but it is smaller and has a higher range.

Cornet (heraldry)

In the SCA, a cornet is a herald-in-training. In the Kingdom of Lochac, this term has been replaced by macer.

Cornet (combat)

In the 16th century, various cavalry units referred to their junior officer or standard bearer as a cornet, as well as the term being used for the unit itself. Some link this to the conical shape of the standard and others to the musical instrument the bearer would carry.