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Constantine II was the son of Aedh, and succeeded his first cousin, Donald II on the Scottish throne, in 900.

To begin with, his reign was spent fighting off Viking raiders, but in 904, at the Battle of Scones, he achieved a decisive victory and the Vikings were driven from the Scottish mainland. Thereafter his main concern was his southern border, with Saxon Northumbria, where the Vikings had resettled themselves, under Ragnall. Eventually, by 918, he had fought them to a standstill, and obtained the peace he needed.

He married, at unknown date, a daughter of the Norse king of Dublin, Olaf III Guthfrithson, and had at least 3 children.

In 943, after an impressive reign, he abdicated in favour of his cousin Malcolm I, and retired to the monastery of St.Andrews, where he later became Abbot and died, in 952. His surviving son Indulf succeeded Malcolm on the throne.

Scottish kings

Constantine II

Preceded by
Donald II
Succeeded by
Malcolm I