Concealed pouch

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Women with wide skirts can have a nifty hidden pouch.

  1. after putting on your underdress, tie a non bulky belt around your waist. Anything that doesn't stick out too much or cut into you is suitable, such as a length of braid, wide piece of ribbon, or cord.
  2. From this tie another thinner ribbon or cord (or even string) to the side of the belt, to hang down approximately 50cm.
  3. tie your pouch to the string, prefereably in such a way that the drawstring holds it closed.
  4. the pouch should hang below the knee, but above the ankles, and if you get the spot right, it won't clank against your legs during normal walking (running is out, but ladies don't run anyway - consider some guy's garb for active days). The pouch should definitely not tangle up your legs, and should be fairly easy to reach by bending over a little.
  5. You can cut thin slits (called "fichets") in your dress to make it easier to access your pouch. Some later period pouches were worn quite high near the waist on a belt under the dress, and accessed by a pair of fichets. These were called pockets.