Company of the Black Dolphin

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Company of the Black Dolphin
Elle nous plaisons la coquinerie
Founded: A.S. XLVI
Captain: Yves de Lyle
Home Kingdom: Lochac
Modern location
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The Company of the Black Dolphin is an SCA group of corsairs who received a lettre de course from their Excellencies Baron Cormac Lenihan and Baroness Elspeth Caerwent at the founding of the Barony of Krae Glas, A.S. XLVI, 27 August 2011. This entitles the Captain to collect a crew, by any means necessary for the ship, know as The Black Dolphin. The ship and crew are then to harass the enemies of the Barony of Krae Glas.


The goal of the company is to protect the trade routes within the Barony of Krae Glas, by promoting the swashbuckling art of Rapier and the delicate science of massed warfare.


The ship is groups into two distinct areas.

  • The Militia features all individuals who are fighting under the dolphin's flag.
  • The Crew for all the non-combatants along for the ride.

The Militia

  • Captain Lord Yves de Lyle
  • Lord Miguel Rodriguez de Santiago
  • Lord Leif Magnusson
  • Lord Tobias le Tregetor
  • Lord Audun inn illi

The Crew

  • None at the moment... Any Volunteers? No matter, there is a cudgel recruiting drive happening soon in an alley near you!