Company of Medieval Aviculturists

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The Known World Aviculturists Guild (formerly the Company of Medieval Aviculturists) is the SCA's first guild dedicated to the arts and sciences of medieval and modern aviculture.

The guild officially began on August 14th, 2006 when founder and guildmistress Biya Sama (now Biya Sama Fujin) in the Canton of Brokenbridge in the Crown Province of Ostgardr, East Kingdom opened the yahoo group, [1]. At the time, the group was simply known as "SCA Parrots." However, "SCA Parrots" is not an SCA legal guild name (guilds, companies, and households are not allowed to use "SCA" in their names) so, after much discussion and debate on a good sounding name, the Company of Medieval Aviculturists was chosen in early September, 2006.


As of the spring of 2008, membership in the aviculture guild has stayed between 36 and 40 gentles SCA wide. This includes somewhere between six and ten non-SCAdians or those who cannot be readily identified as within the SCA and known dignitaries in the bird community, including Alison Evans-Fragle of the Edgewater Parrot Society.