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The College of St Lazarus is the name of the SCA group at Murdoch University near Perth, Australia. The College is part of the Barony of Aneala in the Kingdom of Lochac. It was started in A.S. XXXXIII (2009) and currently has about 7 members. Within the University it is sometimes called St Laz.

The current seneschal is Agostino Tamburri.

Their battle cry is "Brains" or "Arg", as a zombie pun regarding their name. Their name was chosen because this current iteration of Murdoch Unitersity College is the fourth.

"All the other Kings said it'd be daft to build a College on the swamp, but I built it anyway! It sank into the swamp. So I built a second one! That sank into the swamp! So I built a THIRD one. That one burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp. BUT THE FOURTH ONE STAYED UP! That's the College you're getting, son, the strongest in these lands!"

Their proposed device is:


The History of Seneschals

  • Tom Hawgood 2009
  • Alexander de Irving 2009
  • Agostino Tamburri to present

The History of the Colleges


Newcomers' Feast

A night of feasting and making merry to welcome the new members of the College and Barony.

College Challenge Tourney

Every year the glorious College of St Basil the Great challenges the Barony of Aneala to hold the field in rapier and heavy combat. The tourney is held towards the end of semester two.

External Sites

  • Web site under construction

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