College of St Gildas the Wise

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The College of St Gildas the Wise is the SCA branch for the University of Tasmania, Australia. It is part of the Kingdom of Lochac.

The college of St Gildas the Wise is based on the Hobart campus of the University of Tasmania. There are about 25 members in the college - unfortunately, not many of these are active.

Many of the active members are interested in heavy combat. We also enjoy holding feasts and holding A&S collegia for our new members.


The current executives are:

Seneschal: Annabelle Perrot

Reeve: Hellen Highwater

Secretary: Michael

Marshall: Wolfgar

Herald: Drustic

A&S Officer: Tegan


The events the college holds annually are their Newcomers Feast in the first semester and their St Gildas Feast in the second semester.