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#REDIRECT (College of St. Golias)
{{SCA Shire box|name = St. Golias|color = blue|metal = white|device = | caption = [[Gules]], a [[goblet]] within [[laurel]] [[wreath]], in chief a bunch of [[grapes]], [[slipped]] and [[leaved]], all within a [[bordure]] Or | founded = AS XVI | seneschal = [[Lady]] Maria Theresa Sanchez Garcia | area = Socorro, NM | kingdom = Outlands}}
'''Saint Golias''' is an [[SCA]] [[College]] in the [[Kingdom of Outlands]], mundanely located on the campus of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (aka New Mexico Tech) in Socorro, NM. The registered name of the college is in fact "St. Golias", and it was grandfathered to the college in 1987. College is commonly known as just "Golias" amongst the members (alumni and current residents). The College is not associated with a [[barony]], [[canton]], or [[shire]]. The local [[officers]] report directly to their Kingdom superiors, making them a [[Crown College]]. The College is additionally the oldest [[College]] in the [[Outlands]] and one of the oldest colleges in the [[Knowne World]].
The college organizes the [[Feast Day|Feast Day of Saint Golias]] and [[Southern War Practice (Outlands)|Southern War Practice]] each year. As they are a student club, they also hold two, smaller events annually; a welcome get-together near the beginning of the fall semester, and a farewell celebration towards the end of the spring semester. Historically, there has also been a [[Wassail]] event over the winter break for those students spending the break at the school.
==Goliard Guard==
The Goliard Guard is a pseudo-[[household]] comprised of the members of the college who have supported the martial activities of the college on the field at [[Estrella War]]. This counts Marshals, Waterbearers, along with [[Armored]] and [[Rapier]] fighters. The Guard wear the badge ''[[Azure]], a [[sword]] bendwise sinister argent between two [[goblet|goblets]] Or.''
==External Links==
*[http://www.nmt.edu/~golias/ Saint Golias webpage]
*[http://groups.yahoo.com/group/st_golias/ St. Golias Email Group]
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