College of Blessed Herman the Cripple

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Blessed Herman the Cripple was a mathematician, musician and monk. He was considered to be a genius (unlike us), yet his parents gave him to the church as a child because he was so horribly crippled and was therefore of no use (much like Hermanites) for working in the fields.

The SCA College of Blessed Herman the Cripple (Adelaide University) is located in the Barony of Innilgard (Adelaide). It was the second college in Lochac to be founded (but the first to get the paperwork in, which is a pretty shallow victory), and one of the first groups established in Lochac, with a very old and rich history.

The first Queen of Lochac, Duchess Guðrun, is a former Scholar and Seneschal of the College, and during her second reign as Queen, gave Blessed Herman the right to refer to itself as "The Queen's College".

The college has played a large part in the Inter-College Wars, both as a host and regularly attaining second place. Often known as "the Lamest College", their mascot is Fred, the Fire Breathing Goat of Doom. Assisting Fred is Oscar the Ram, who has defected to a more Glorious college. Some propose that this was out of his fear for what a Hermanite may wish to do with a sheep on the long lonely nights in Innilgard.


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