College of Bellewode

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College of Bellewode
Vert, on a pale argent a laurel wreath sable, in chief two bells Or
Founded: A.S. XXXIV
In Kingdom: Calontir
Seneschal: Lord Ermenrich von Duisburg
Modern location
Kirksville, MO

The College of Bellewode is an SCA group in the Kingdom of Calontir, located at Truman State University in Kirksville, MO. While most of its members are from the University itself, several members are from the community, including alumni.

History of the College of Bellewode

The College of Bellewode was not the first group to reside in Kirksville. The Shire of Thousand Hills existed first and included several members who still play elsewhere in the SCA. However, over time the group died down and was disbanded. In 2000 the College of Bellewode was formed and in 2001 they hosted a crown tournament. The population of the College has varied greatly over the years from as little as three members to as many as a 12 active members. They now hold an event every year focusing on Heraldry, Scribal, and Dance. The event also has the only regularly held ball in Calontir outside of Lilies War.

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