Cherry Cordial

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Cherry Cordial:

  • Take a Glass Jar with a well fitting lid (if it has a metal lid it needs to be plastic coated, metal can spoil the taste of the alcohol).
  • Sanitise jar by Boiling in HOT water for ten minutes.
  • Layer Jar with cherries and fine sugar (the cherries can be whole or pitted)
  • Fill Jaw with Brandy or Vodka
  • Seal and shake jar.
  • Place jar in dry, dark location, shake daily.
  • Once sugar has dissolved (this will take anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks, depends on how much sugar there is), filter beverage into presentation bottle (make sure it's also sanitised!)

The result: a thick, reddish beverage that smells/tastes like cherries!

[NOTE: the cherries, once removed, can be used on top of the dessert of your choice]