Cheese and saffron tart (recipe)

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The original recipe for this dish is as follows: "30 Auter Tartus. Take faire nessh chese that is buttry, and par hit, grynde hit in a morter; cast therto faire creme and grinde hit togidre; temper hit with goode mylke, that hit be no thikker (th)en rawe creme, and cast thereto a litul salt if nede be; And thi chese be salte, caste thereto neuer a dele; colour hit with saffron; then make a large coffyn of faire paste, & lete the brinkes be rered more (th)en an enche of hegh; lete (th)e coffyn harden in (th)e oven; (th)en take it oute, put gobettes of butter in the bothom thereof, And caste the stuffe there-to, and caste peces of buttur there- vppon, and sette in (th)e oven with-oute lydde, and lete bake ynowe, and then cast sugur thereon, and serue it forth. And if (th)ou wilt, lete him haue a lydde; but (th)en thi stuff most be as thikke as Mortrewes."



  1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.
  2. Cut the crust off the brie, and chop into small bits.
  3. Grind the saffron in the salt, and heat the cream in a little saucepan over low heat.
  4. Add the saffron, and stir, until the cream gets just too hot to place a finger in, or you get enough bright yellow color.
  5. Place the pie crust on an edged cookie sheet, or something that can catch the drippings (if any.)
  6. Fill the pie crust with the brie, and pour much of the cream/saffron mixture in it.
  7. Do not overfill the crust. Thinly slice about 4 pieces of butter, and cut them in half, and place on the top of the pie.
  8. Place in the oven, and bake 30 minutes, or until a really nice brown develops on the top of the pie.
  9. It will still be loose on top. Remove carefully from the oven, and let cool until it sets.