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[[Category:Device Heraldry]]
'''Charges''' are the things that appear on the "field" of a [[device]]. [[Period]] examples include a myriad forms of [[cross]]es (including crosses formy), [[animal]]s ([[leopard]]s, [[lion]]s, [[cattle]]), [[plant]]s and plant parts ([[rose]]s, [[thistle]]s etc), celestial objects ([[comet]]s, [[star]]s, [[sun]]s, [[moon]]s), [[weapon]]s ([[Sword]]s, [[spear]]s etc), tools (fleams, [[hammer]]s etc) or pieces of anatomy ([[head]]s, [[eye]]s, [[limb]]s, [[moustache]]s). Charges also include [[ordinary|ordinaries]].
Charges are different from [[line divisions]] and the [[field]].

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