Canton of Abertridwr

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The Canton of Abertridwr (Welsh: three rivers) was a defunct SCA group, that encompassed the south-western reaches of the city of Perth, Western Australia. Whilst defunct, the area belonged to the Barony of Aneala.

The King-that-was went under the hill at the meeting of three rivers. There they say he waits, sleeping, until the time of his people's greatest need, when he would come again.

Awake O King, for that time is now!

I call upon ye now O sleeper to rise, rise, rise! Summonst thou pencampwr and blow the horn of the red dragon! There are lands to conquer a plenty and merry times to be had!

As of the official announcement made at court by Morwenna, the Baroness of Aneala, on July 11th, 2004, at the "Tourney of the Dragon", the Canton of Abertridwr is alive once more! Huzzah!

You can find its webpage at: