Canterbury Faire

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Canterbury Faire is the largest SCA event held in New Zealand as part of the Kingdom of Lochac. It is a 5-6 day camping event involving around 200 people.

It is held over Waitangi Weekend (Feb. 6th) each year, at a site about one hour north of Christchurch, in the Barony of Southron Gaard. The event includes a melange of war scenarios, tourneys, arts workshops, dancing, rapier, archery, bardic arts, court, merchanting, a sell-out feast, and much more besides.

Most popular hang-out at CF: The Mangy Mongol Tavern, operating by Royal Appointment
Most popular entertainment: Half-Circle Theatre
Catchphrase used for CF in Festival's Scurrilous Rag: "No mudde, no duste, no venymous fauna"
Most frequent comment from a first-time visitor: "I'll be back"

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