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#REDIRECT [[Camping]]
An event that lasts several days and where tents and fire pits are normally required. The term '''camping event''' can be short-hand for any event that involves an overnight stay. Some of these truly involve camping, where you spend the night in your tent (hence [[camping]]) and [[cook]] your own food. Others involve more civilized accommodations, with cabins, beds, and [[food]] provided by the [[event]] staff.
These [[event]]s can last from a weekend to a [[war]] that lasts a week or more. In many places in the SCA, the camping event is prevalent because of the long distance many [[SCAdians]] have to travel to ge there. A [[day trip]] would not be possible. In some camping events, usually those that only last the weekend, formal event activities are only scheduled for Saturday, and the day before and after are left for travelling, [[camping]], and socializing. In longer events, activites may be scheduled over several days.
No one is obligated to camp onsite during a '''camping event'''. You can stay offsite, or [[day trip]] it. The opposite of a camping event is a [[day event]].

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