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#REDIRECT [[Camping list]]
Here's a suggested list of itmes you might like to think about taking to festival.
*[[Alcohol]] And a bottle opener for wine or flip tops.
*[[cordial]] if you get sick of drinking plain tank water during the day.
*[[Duct tape]]
*[[Cable ties]]
*[[Plastic bag]]s
*[[Boots]] x 2 pairs
*[[T-Tunic]]s or [[dress]] if you're a girlie
*A *warm* [[Cloak]] (it gets real cold at night)
*[[Spoon]]s (2 are harder to loose than one, besides i don't like eating sweet stuff with a spoon that's covered in vegatable gunk), [[knife]]
*teatowel - helps dry your dishes, wipe your hands on during meal, mop up spills, etc
*[[Tankard]] or [[goblet]]
*[[Towel]] (so you can dry off after your shower)
*[[Money]] to buy cool stuff from the [[merchants]]
*[[Tent]] ([[period]] or modern) (failing this, find someone else's tent)
*[[Sleeping bag]]/[[blanket]] (failing this, find someone else's)
*pillow - optional, but much more comfortable
*[[Lilo]] or something to sleep on (or, find ''someone'')
*snack food since you cannot rely on merchants being availible and communal snacks never last long, if they even exist
*[[pouch]] to put your money and other stuff in
*[[socks]] or [[hose]]
*stuff to wear to bed (depending upon shared state of sleeping arrangements). undertunics/dresses make great period nightgowns for both sexes. Otherwise consider pyamas/boxers unless you are close friends with your tent mate.
*craft projects - if you're not fighting, there'll be plenty of time to sew/knit/braid/weave, etc while you watch the fighting or socialise.

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