Burgundian Branle

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A tabulation for the Burgundian branle is found in Orchesography by Thoinot Arbeau. This tabulation is used as one of the quatre branles. However the fact that some pieces of music titles Burgundian Branle are of irregular form seems to indicate that the Burgundian Branles may have been a class of Branles rather than just the simple dance that Arbeau describes. Arbeau also says that the Branles of Burgundy are sometimes also referred to as the Branles of Champagne.

Steps Used

These steps are like the ordinary double left and double right except that instead ending up with feet together, the free foot swings forward in the air.


As with most branles, this dance is performed in a line of people holding hands or, if enough people are present, a circle. It is not necessary for the dancers to be paired into partners.

This is reputedly the third easiest dance in the world.


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