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Brocade is a form of surface-decoration on some woven fabric or braid. It is created by adding an extra weft thread that is not intended to hold the braid in place, but simply runs over and under the warp threads to decorate them in some sort of pattern.

Brocading tends to be fairly time-consuming as not only are the threads used generally difficult to work with (generally flimsy or stiff metallic threads, most commonly gold thread) but it also means doing twice as much work - as you still need to weave with the "normal" weft as well.

To brocade a fabric/braid as you are weaving it, simply weave as normal, but also include the extra weft, hiding it as a warp-thread in rows where it is not to be seen, and bringing it across the rows in which it should be seen - rising over the warp threads at the points it should be seen and ducking under where it should not.