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#REDIRECT [[Giovanni Boccaccio]]
'''Giovanni Boccaccio''' (1313-1375) was born in [[Paris, France]], although his father was from [[Florence, Italy]] and he later married a Florentine. Boccaccio became one of the leading proponents of early [[humanism]] through many of his writings, after being educated in [[canon law]].
His best known work is [[The Decameron]]. The book is set in a rural location outside of [[Florence, Italy]] where a group of 10 men and women each tell one story per day over each of 10 days.
The stories in [[The Decameron]] take a large side-swipe at both [[church]] and [[state]] of the day, and in particular the stereotyped "humble friar", cops a huge shellacking for his lack of biblical knowledge and gluttony. The works are also fairly lascivious in tone, given the [[14th century]] setting in which they were written.
The work has often been seen as an antidote for [[Dante]]'s works including [[The Divine Comedy]].
== References ==
* [http://www.humanistictexts.org/boccaccio.htm Boccaccio page at humanistictexts.org]

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