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===Origins of Bloodstone Keep, Chapter 2===
#REDIRECT [[Canton of Bloodstone Keep]]
Written by
Viscount Sterling, KSCA
[[Canton of Bloodstone Keep|Back to Bloodstone Keep]]
One person's point of view. We pick our story up in June of 2005; we have a very important Demo.
Our host Library, Bemis, has requested we be apart of their grand new opening. They pumped in some serious dollars to build a new facade and eatery. M'lord Ximon auto-crated this demo. It was his first efforts and it was smashing. They love us; they even made a DVD of the event & gave us a copy. Truly, a ton of fun for everyone who attended the demo.
Over the July 4th weekend we had our first encampment. Some of the fighters of the iCanton have formed a company called Aegis, meaning, "shield men" in Greek. We hope that all will join this group of noble fighters. There was two moments in time that made that weekend special for Bloodstone. First the march to the field in the newly made red & black tabard, by Mistress Eirene, turning head as we passed by. The second is marching to the Baron and taking a Knee pledging our support to the Barony. For more on this check out the story, "In the beginning, OMG."
In July we elected as a group to jump behind the Baronial Demo at Clemet Library.
The big thing for us was the wildly successful event, Pas d' Arms Auto-crated by Robert of Deerbourne. The pageantry, the chivalry, the gallery and the beauty of the SCA were fully displayed. Couldn't ask for more. Definitely a must repeat.
October 22nd we did a Koelbel Library Demo. This went well and we made our first $50.00 for a demo. They loved us.
October 29th - 30th several of us assisted in the long time demo with our very own Denver Zoo for our beloved Barony. We had a Boo of a time.
November 12th Lord Patrick and other did, at O'dark thirty AM, once again show our talented populace off for the Littleton Academy.
Some other wonderful side products of this hard work were many of our members have been recognized for their individual contributions. For me the success of our iCanton is on the many hands that make short work. They are what this is all about.
Many of our members took in the feats of the season capping with the Jewel of Caerthe, 12th Night. It was a Japanese theme event with Taiko Drums and fine cuisines.
The only down point was that our Heraldry was sent back. We shall try again.

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