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===Origins of Bloodstone Keep, Chapter 1===
#REDIRECT [[Canton of Bloodstone Keep]]
====Our first year of growing pains====
Written by
Viscount Sterling, KSCA
[[Canton of Bloodstone Keep|Back to Bloodstone Keep]]
The origins of Bloodstone Keep from one persons view point. In late 2003 early 2004 there where several folks looking for a change and a place they could call their own. At Lady Mor's house, Finn the Archer was holding fighter practices. Early May Countess Adriana opened a door by asking that folks wanting to discuss the possibility of forming a Canton would like to meet. It was decided that on Sunday May 9th 2004 at Mor's house we would meet. Many folks from the east side and south of Caerthe did attend. It quickly became apparent that two Cantons would be more appropriate than one.
HE Kronos (Baron of Caerthe) was in attendance and place a few requirements on the two potential groups. First, provide the reasons in writing for why these groups are forming. Provide the Pro's and Con's of these groups forming. Lastly that a vote of 75% approval would be need for HE Kronos support these groups formation.
On May 23rd 2004 at THL Roberts and Mistress Eirene's House we had our first meeting for the group. The notes of this meeting were chronicle for all to read. Suffice it to say that we had an up hill battle with those that want to keep things status quo. At that meeting we decide interim officers for the group. We also decided that the first Wednesday of the month would be our monthly Business Meeting and at Bemis Library. The last landmark decision was this group would be "kid friendly" and kids would be allowed at meetings and all events.
As I remember this group was primarily folks that had moved from other Kingdoms or groups with in the Kingdom of the Outlands (several from al-Barran). Also many of the members had families and desired to have a safe place for them. At that time, for reason unknown, this was not a very kid friendly area.
Several other decisions where made during that early few meetings. Our group of folks wanted to provide an inclusive environment for all, that we are focusing on Heavy Fighting, Drumming and Dance, as well as A&S. Several members like the Pa d' Arms while others like a laid back fun event. That was what most of the members wanted to do and teach. At some point in early June, we got permission to start meeting at Corner Stone Park for our Populace gathering. As many of us had come from other places we want to have a place where everyone would meet weekly. The park was decided as the prime place for that. The populace gathering soon became the place to go to learn about fighting. His Grace Maelgwyn and myself regularly gave lesson and the numbers of fighters regularly exceeded 20 on the heavy field that first summer. People traveled from Dragonspine, Wind Keep, Caer Galen and Unser Hafan to participate. Things went well.
Other events that first summer was at the August 4th 2004 meeting we voted to have Bloodstone Keep and Readstad as a secondary as the name of our group. At the September 1st 2004 meeting we decide on the devise. The Griffin prevailed over the Yale. After much work by the officers of the then proto incipient canton and Lady Rothin, the Auto-crate of the Fortress Benefit Revel, did we have our Polling on September 25th 2004 it was 17 to 5 more than enough to pass the 75% mark that HE Kronos set. Thus, the stage was set for our merry band of brothers and sisters to petition the Crown to become incipient. Countess Aindrea, OP, came up with the wording for our petition scroll and Mistress Arwen & THL Guillume created the lovely scroll.
On November 6th 2004, at Crown II and Caerthe's A&S Competition, we the populace of the proto incipient canton of Bloodstone Keep did process forward in Court of TRM Giovanni and Cainnleach with signed scroll in hand. By Royal decree we dropped the proto and became full on incipient. By the end of the year we had our name and devise researched and in January of 2005 we had them in submission. We also made several ambitions goals for ourselves, like double our membership from around 40 to 80 paid members, and have two events and five demos throughout the year.
To that end we decide to have one fun silly event that became Mountain Mayhem on May 7th 2005 and one pomp and circumstance event that became Bloodstone Keeps Pa d' Arms on September 24th 2005 but that's getting ahead of myself. The iCanton had many trial and travails to go through in early 2005. In the end, things turned out, as they should. During that Period we started to change over many officers positions and some of the founding interim officers needed a break.
Another great Milestone for the iCanton was we voted the name of Heliotrope Herald for our newsletter. Lady Rothin then put out our first newsletter the next month with the new name. We kept on making news ever since.
In April of 2005 we did our first demo for the Girl Scouts in Highlands Ranch. It was a smashing success and many great things happened. We also started a Fundraiser for our List Field. By the time of our first event the iCanton was on a role and tons of folks really put on the dog at Mountain Mayhem. The Auto-crate was Viscount Sterling who swore he'd never do it again and everyone else really pitched in. This fun silly event turned into the 35th Year anniversary of the Barony of Caerthe. We had about 6 weeks to turn this around and make it happen. We rally pulled together for our Barony to make it Special for them. The Rothin Red May pole, the Dance till you drop Carrot Tourney, the kids stick horse races and the public Stoning with soft rocks made the event a real pleasure. We made enough proceeds to give our iCanton a fighting chance.
June 25th 2005 was a huge day for our iCanton. We did a four-hour demo for Bemis Public Library and m'lord Ximon auto-crated. Several folks stepped up all over the place to really make this Demo more that just special but rather over the top. City and Library officials were blown away by our efforts and they even gave a DVD of the event. Our renown is just growing.
We looked from June of 2005 on to create the best Pa d' Arms we could and several Demo's.
Thus ends our first year or so. Many more to come.

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