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== Period Recipe ==
#REDIRECT [[Blank maunnger (recipe)]]
From the [[Forme of Cury]].
=== Notes ===
* ''Blank Maunger''. Very different from ours. Vide Gloss.
== Modern Recipe ==
Boil Chicken and remove from broth. Take ground almonds and make almond milk with chicken broth. Wash Rice and boil it in the Almond milk. Shred the chicken flesh into small pieces. Add lard, sugar and salt and boil the lot oup and serve garnished with aniseed comfits and fried almonds, done in oil.
VicCG Note: This has not be tested yet.
=== Ingredients ===
* Item.
* Item.
=== Method ===
# Do stuff.
# Do stuff.
== Notes ==
The historical version of this recipe was taken from the [[Project Gutenberg]] e-text of the [[Forme of Cury]].
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