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#REDIRECT [[Blank Dessorre (recipe)]]
== Period Recipe ==
From the [[Forme of Cury]].
:Take Brawn of Hennes or of Capouns ysoden withoute e skyn. & hewe hem as smale as ou may. & grinde hem in a morter. after take gode mylke of Almandes & put e brawn erin. & stere it wel togyder & do hem to see. & take flour of Rys & amydoun & alay it. so at it be chargeant. & do erto sugur a gode party. & a party of white grece. and when it is put in disshes strewe uppon it blaunche powdour, and enne put in blank desire and ''mawmenye'' in disshes togider. And serue forth.
=== Notes ===
* ''blank "Desne" ''. ''Desire'', Contents; rect. V. Gloss. The Recipe in MS. Ed. 29 is much the same with this.
* ''Mawmenye''. See No. 194.
== Modern Recipe ==
Take boiled white meat of capons or of chickens without the skins and chop into small pieces and grind in a mortar. Take good almond milk and add the meat to it, and stir it well together and set it to simmer, and take Rice Flour and [[Amydoun]] and mix it in so that it will be thick, and add a good bit of sugar, & a piece of white grease. And when it is plated, sprinkle it with [[Blanche Powder]], and then put blank desire and [[Mawmoune (recipe)|Mawmenee]] together in the dishes, and serve forth.
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=== Ingredients ===
* Item.
* Item.
=== Method ===
# Do stuff.
# Do stuff.
== Notes ==
The historical version of this recipe was taken from the [[Project Gutenberg]] e-text of the [[Forme of Cury]].
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