Barony of the Cleftlands

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The Barony of the Cleftlands comprises Cuyahoga County, the city of Cleveland in the state of Ohio in the United States. It is in the Oaken region of the Middle Kingdom. The current baron and baroness are Sir Ephraim ben Shlomo and Lady Madelaine Bouvier.


  • May 1969 - Jamie Fox founds (or attempts to found) an SCA group based in Cleveland on the campus of Cleveland State University
  • May 1970 - Jehan de la Marche, after much confusion, signs a treaty with Jamie Fox stating that he (Jehan) is Baron Middle Marches, with two marches therein, the Marshes and Cleftlands. Jamie Fox is named deputy seneschal of the Marches in charge of the Cleftlands. This did not settle the dispute. Later King Cariadoc names Jamie Margrave of the Cleftlands.
  • August 1971 - First Cleftlands Event
  • May 5, 1978 - Cleftlands made a Barony; Laurelen Darksbane is made the premiere Baron.
  • September 9, 1978 - First Baronial Campion competition
  • May, 1980 - Ithriliel becomes the first Baroness of Cleftlands
  • March 7, 1992 - Baronial Championship replaced by first Standard Bearer's event
  • January 28, 1995 - First "Regular Event in Cleftlands" event
  • June, 1996 - First Northern Oaken War Maneuvers event
  • April 11, 2002 - Duke Laurelen and Duchess Ithriliel resign as Baron and Baroness at the Crown's directive
  • September 25, 2002 - Sir Ephraim ben Shlomo and Lady Madelaine Bouvier become the second Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands

Currently Cleftlands has no Canton's, though they are in the process of re-founding the defunct shire of Eastwatch (in Lake, Geauga and Ashtabula counties to the east of the Barony) as a canton of the Cleftlands.

Recurring Events

  • A Regular Event in Cleftlands - Last week of January
  • Cleftlands Standard Bearers - As close to May 1st as possible
  • Northern Oaken War Maneuvers - Second week of June (in conjunction with the Shire of Falcon's Quarry)
  • A fall A&S themed event - not every year, usually in October

External Links

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