Barony of Rowany

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The Barony Of Rowany is the SCA name for most of Sydney, Australia.

I'm only fairly new, but I'll describe what little I do know about the area:

Rowany was named after Mistress Rowan who, I'm told, was the first Laurel in Lochac (could be wrong on that one) and did a lot of work to get the SCA active in this area.

Yes we have a Baron and Baroness, I think I've met them... maybe... and I'm pretty bad at names...

We have two main (active) colleges (that I know of):

We have a Canton? Stowe on the Wowld that covers the Western Suburbs of Sydney. We have a Shire (I think they're almost a Barony) Agaricus which covers South West of Sydney.

That's about all I know. :)

We also have a few groups in Wollongong (Just South of Sydney) that may or may not be counted as part of Rowany (I don't know)

  • The College of St Malachy = University of Wollongong
  • i'm sure there's a main name for the Wollongong area, but I can't rem it.