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{{SCA Barony box|name=Barony of Northkeep|device=[[Image:northkeeparms.jpg|150px]|caption=Gules, on a saltire between four mullets of five greater and five lesser points argent, a tower sable within overall a laurel wreath Or|motto = Vis in Unitates|founded=A.S. XI|elevated=A.S.XXXI|baron=Ian dun Gillan|baroness=Kelandra Carmichael|area=Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.|kingdom=Ansteorra}} The Barony of Northkeep is an SCA group within the Kingdom of Ansteorra. It covers Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A..


Northkeep (originally Nord-aus-das-Strom, or the Nord, and later Nordlische Sturm) established May 1st, A.S. XI in what was then a distant region of the Kingdom of Atenvelt. Within a few years, the Principality of Anteora became the Kingdom of Ansteorra, and Northkeep it's northernmost shire. The name Northkeep and device were passed: A.S. XIX. The group was elevated to Barony, November A.S. XXXI. For many years Northkeep was the most northern Ansteorran shire, and remains the most northern Barony. It currently has one canton, Chemin Noir, and several former ones. It is nearest in geography to the Barony of Wiesenfeuer and the Province of Mooneschadowe in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, the Shire-March of Grimfells in the Kingdom of Calontir, the Shire of Smythkepe in the Kingdom of Meridies.

Ruling Nobility

  • Thorgrim Bjornson and Sigen Frideriksdottir, founding Baron and Baroness (November 1996-May 2001)
  • Robert FitzMorgan (Vicar) (May 2001-November 2001)
  • Ainar Magnusson and Anna Maria de Mercedes de Cerdanya, 2nd Baron and Baroness (November 2001- )
  • Ian dun Gillan and Kelandra Carmichael, 3rd Baron and Baroness ( - present)


The Barony currently has two formal awards, and two closed orders of awards:

  • The Order of the Lion's Paw of Kenmare
The Order of the Lion's Paw of Kenmare (more generally called the Kenmare) is an armigerous service award, named for Kendra Kenmare, a woman who served the shire during its developing years, and served as an example of what a member of the group could be, until her death in 1995. This is a polling award.
  • The Castel Krighe
This is a non-armigerous service award that was established by the current Baron and Baroness in 200?. The regalia of the order is ?. Membership is determined by the Baron and Baroness.
  • The Cornerstone of Northkeep
This non-armigerous service award was established by the founding Baron and Baroness in 1996, and was closed at their request when they stepped down in 2001. The regalia of the order small cube of stone set as a pendant. Membership was determined by the Baron and Baroness.
  • The Crimson Star of Northkeep
This non-armigerous service award was established by the 2nd Baron and Baroness in 2001, and was closed by their successors after they stepped down in 2005. The regalia of the order small cube of stone set as a pendant. Membership was determined by the Baron and Baronness.

Many current and former members of Northkeep have been heavily involved and known for community service from the local mundane to the Regional and Kingdom levels, heraldry and onomastics, and recreating historical martial arts.

Over the years, some notable members of the populace have included:

  • William Blackfox, creator of Warthaven
  • Patricia Fiona MacFarland (MKA Mercedes Lackey)
  • Diarmaid O'Duinn (MKA Marc Carlson)


As of A.S. XLII the Barony has only one canton

Former cantons include:

  • Bison's Run. (Bartlesville - now dissolved)
  • Rundell. (McAlester, Oklahoma - now dissolved)

Regular Events

There are a few regular and semi-regular events in Northkeep and her cantons:

  • The Castellan event is held in the first weekend in June, and features various competitions Martial, A&S and Bardic to determine the Barony's defenders
  • wInterkingdom is held in early winter, and is a collegium event.
  • Dionadair and the local Ensign tourney are usually held concurrently at a local large demo.
  • The Fair of the Harvest is held by the canton of Chemin noir in the fall.

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