Barony of Loch Soilleir

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The Barony of Loch Soilleir is an SCA branch in the Kingdom of Ansteorra. Originally a part of the Barony of Stargate, the Barony of Loch Soilleir encompasses the southern part of greater Houston including Brazoria and Galveston Counties, as well as the Clear Lake area.

The name of the Shire of Loch Soilleir was registered in August of 1980 and the device was registered in February of 1987. Loch Soilleir was elevated to Baronial status on June 15, 1991.

Loch Soilleir annually hosts an event on the first weekend in May where Baronial Champions are chosen (typically called Loch Guardian), a chivalric and rapier melee event in October (called Tourney By the Loch and, more recently, Lochtoberfest), and a small holiday event called Loch Yule usually held on the second weekend in December. In addition to these annual events, Loch Soilleir has also hosted many kingdom level events, individually or with the neighboring Barony of Stargate, including Guardian of the Gauntlet, Squires and Cadets Invitational, Crown Tournament, Queen's Champion, Ansteorran Bardic Collegium, and others.

Baronage of Loch Soilleir

Bors of Lothian, Baron Loch Soilleir and Anne of Ayr, Baroness Loch Soilleir
Founding Nobility, reigned from June 15, 1991 to October 2, 1993

Leofric Ealdricson and Cadi ferch Bradwen
Reigned from October 2, 1993 to June 1, 1997

Leofric Ealdricson
Baroness Cadi passed away and Baron Leofric continued to serve as Baron until May 15, 1999

Ulsted the Unsteady and Cateau d'Ardennes
Reigned from May 15, 1999 to May 17, 2003

William Wescot of Welewen and Narkissa Ekaterina Vladimirovna, called Katya from May 17, 2003 to April 17, 2010.

Caelan MacRob, called Cael, and Rhiannan verch Bryan Began their reign on April 17, 2010 and are currently sitting the Serpentine throne.

Awards of the Barony

Order of the Serent's Toils of Loch Soilleir

The Serpent's Toils is Loch Soilleir's Baronial Service Order that bestows upon the recipient an Award of Arms is they do not already have one. The Baronial Service Orders (BSO) rank above the awrads of the Sable Comet and the Compass Rose, but below the awards of the Sable Thistle, Sable Crane and Sable Talon. The Principle of the Order is the current Baron and Baroness of Loch Soilleir.

The Order of the Otter

The Order of the Otter is a non-armigerous Baronial award for service to the Barony throiugh the arts and sciences.

The Order of the Urcheon

The Order of the Urcheon is a non-Armigerous Baronial award for contributions to the Barony by those under the age of eighteen.

Ansteorran Royal Retirement Community

It has been said that Loch Soilleir is the Royal retirement community. This is because there are many members of the Royal family who have moved into the Barony after their reign or began their time in the Loch. The members of the Royal Family who reside in Loch Soilleir include:

Duke Sigmund the Wingfooted
Duchess Sieglinde Syr
Count Dinaris the Wanderer
Countess Marguerite de la Croix 
Graf Galen Edwin Kirchenbauer
Graffin Rebekah Kleinspielerin
Countess Gladwen of Aylesford
Countess Sara Penrose
Duke Jason MacPherson
Duchess Saereid Sigmundsdottir
Duke Ulsted the Unsteady
Duchess Cateau d'Ardennes
Duchess Ebergardis von Zell

Other Notable Members

Loch Soilleir is home to many Peers, White Scarves and Lions of Ansteorra

Order of Chivalry:

Sir Sigmund the Wingfooted
Sir Dinaris the Wanderer
Sir Rurik Ivarrson
Sir Galen Edwin Kirchenbauer
Sir Jason MacPherson
Sir Alexis la Bouche
Sir Ulsted the Unsteady
Sir Virgil von Ausburg (has moved out of the Barony)
Sir Modius von Mergentheim

Order of the Laurel:

Master Sigmund the Wingfooted
Mistress Sieglinde Syr
Mistress Edwina Dirks Sterne (has moved out of the Barony)
Master Cadfan ap Morgan Godrudd (has moved out of the Barony)
Master Avatar of Catsprey
Master Modius von Mergentheim
Mistress Ginevra Rodney (deceased)
Mistress Sara Penrose
Master Alexis la Bouche
Mistress Clara von Ulm
Mistress Rhiannan verch Bryan

Order of the Pelican:

Master Sigmund the Wingfooted
Mistress Cadi ferch Bradwen (deceased)
Mater Leofric Ealdricson
Master Alexis la Bouche
Master Modius von Mergentheim
Mistress Sieglinde Syr
Mistress Sara Penrose

White Scarves of Ansteorra:

Don Sigmund the Wingfooted
Don Modius von Mergentheim
Don Wolfgang von dem Hafen
Don Aaron Stuart
Don Tristan von Heidelberg
Don Allesandro Andretti
Don Caelan MacRoeb

Lions of Ansteorra, Defenders of the Dream:

Sieglinde Syr (from Dinaris and Marguerite)
Sigmund the Wingfooted (from Patrick Michael I and Julia I)
Alexis la Bouche (from Ulsted I and Cateau I)
Modius von Mergentheim (from Miguel II and Conal II)
Sara Penrose (from Gunthar II and Elizabeth)