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The '''Barony of Forgotten Sea''' is the [[SCA]] [[branch]] based in the Kansas City region of Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas. It is part of the [[Kingdom of Calontir]].
'''Information on the Barony of Forgotten Sea can be found at these sites:'''
* Forgotten Sea Information Page: http://www2.kumc.edu/itc/staff/rknight/Barony.htm
* Barony of Forgotten Sea webpage: http://www.forgottensea.info/default.aspx
'''Information for new members can be found on these webpages:'''
* Newcomer Information: http://www2.kumc.edu/itc/staff/rknight/Newcomer.htm
* Introduction to the SCA: http://www2.kumc.edu/itc/staff/rknight/sca.htm
* Arts, Crafts & Sciences of the SCA: http://www2.kumc.edu/itc/staff/rknight/Interests.htm
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