Barony of Elfsea

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The Barony of Elfsea is an SCA group within the Kingdom of Ansteorra. It covers the communities in and around Ft. Worth, Texas, U.S.A..

Ruling Nobility

  • Arthur of the Fen, founding Baron (30-DEC 89 to 22-JAN-93)
  • Robyn Murchadha, founding Baroness (30-DEC 89 to 9-JAN-93)
  • Seamus of the Cats & Margery de Bray, Vicar and Vicaress (22-Jan-93 to 3-Dec-93)
  • Seamus of the Cats & Margery de Bray, (3-Dec-93 to 28-Sep-96)
  • Llywelyn Gruffydd & Zara Zina Theanos, (28-Sep-96 to 13-may-00)
  • Galen of Bristol & Allessandra Beatrice Desiderio, (13-May-00 to 4-Apr-02)
  • Daniel Stewart & Siobhan Ui Niall, (4-Apr-02 to 26-Apr-03)
  • Direct rule by the Crown, Miguel I & Conal I , (26-Apr-03 to 3-May-03)
  • Armand Dragonetti & Ameline duBois, Vicar and Vicaress (3-May-03 to 27-Sep-03)
  • Armand Dragonetti & Ameline duBois, (27-Sep-03 - 22-Sep-07)
  • Dáire de Haya & Druinne de Salesberie, (22-Sep-07 to present)