Barony of Coeur d'Ennui

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Coeur d'Ennui
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Argent, a laurel wreath vert within eight boars' heads couped in annulo gules
Founded: AS VII Shire (Midrealm) AS VIV Barony (Calontir)
In Kingdom: Calontir
Baron: Hugh Du Puy
Baroness: Marie Du Puy
Modern location
Des Moines and Central Iowa, USA.

The Barony of Coeur d'Ennui is the SCA group centered in Des Moines and covering much of central Iowa. Within its borders is the Canton of Axed Root. It is part of the Kingdom of Calontir.

Barons and Baronesses of the Barony of Coeur d'Ennui:

  1. Sir William Coeur de Boeuf and HL Rosamund Coeur de Boeuf 1982-1985
  2. Master Guillaume of Faireskye and Mistress Jocelyn du Biers 1985-1991
  3. HL Richard de Montmorency and Baroness Katharine Attryde 1991-1994
  4. Sir Akitsuki Yoshimitsu and HL Damienne d'Auxerre 1994-1998
  5. Sir Angus of Blackmoor and Mistress Diana nic Luthais MacLean 1998-2001
  6. HL Magnus Anskegg and Baroness Winnifred d'Artois 2001-2005
  7. HL Edward Blythe and Mistress Tatiana Dieugarde 2005-2008
  8. HL Hugh Du Puy and HL Marie Du Puy 2008-present

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