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Barons and Baronesses come in two varieties. The first variety is the Landed Baron/Baroness. These gentles hold the Barony for the Crown, and are the Royal Presence in that Barony when the Crown cannot be there. They may hold courts and reward people with Baronial awards. The honorific for Baronial personages is, "Your Excellency". Landed Barons and Baronesses wear coronets usually featuring something that identifies the Barony they represent. There are several ways to address a Landed Baron or Baroness, including the following examples (using Gwynfor and Gwir, B&B Stormhold as examples):

Baron Gwynfor Lwyd and Baroness Gwir verch Madog Master Gwynfor Lwyd, Baron Stormhold and Lady gwir verch Madog, Baroness Stormhold Baron and Baroness Stormhold also works.

The other variety of Baron/Baroness is a Court Baron/Baroness. The giving of Court Baronies is at the sole discretion of the Crown, and it is usually given to a person who has done a lot for the SCA but doesn't neatly fit into the requirements of another award. It is also the custom to reward Landed B&B's with a Court Barony when they step down.