Bacchus Wood

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Bacchus Wood
Bacchus Wood Shire of.jpg
Or, on a wine amphora purpure a laurel wreath Or, in chief three goutes purpure
Founded: A.S. XXVIII
In Kingdom: Lochac
Seneschal: Lord Madog Llwyd ap Madog
Modern location
Logan City, Southern Redlands shire, Northern Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia)

Bacchus Wood is a SCA shire in the Kingdom of Lochac, located in Queensland Australia

Bacchus Wood began as a canton of the Barony of River Haven in 1993 and became and independant shire in 2002.

Senechals of Bacchus Wood

  • Rashid al Faqih
  • Jabir Abayad
  • Vidar Wolfsbane
  • Rashid al Faqih
  • Valeria di Borgia
  • Kara of Kirimuir
  • Ysuelt di Sancerre
  • Griffyn of Abbotsford
  • Jabir Abayad
  • Katherine Alica of Sarum
  • Madog Llywd ap Madog

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