Awards and Orders of Atlantia

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The Kingdom of Atlantia currently has eighteen awards and orders active, and a further three orders which have been closed. For the purposes of the Order of Precedence the current orders are split into three groups: Orders of High Merit, Orders of Merit and Kingdom Orders and Awards. Atlantia also has several youth specific awards.

Orders of High Merit

Membership of these orders bestows a ranking between that of Landed Baronage and a Grant of Arms.

Orders of Merit

Membership of these orders bestows a ranking between that of a Grant of Arms and a Court Baronage.

  • Order of the Sea Dragon: Given for effort and excellence in rapier.
  • Order of the Silver Osprey: Given to those unbelted fighters who show excellence on the field.
  • Order of the King's Missiliers: Given to those who show excellence in archery. Its badge is Azure, semy of arrows argent.
  • Order of the Coral Branch: Given to those who show excellence in the arts and sciences. Its badge is Argent, a coral branch inverted gules.
  • Order of the Opal: Given to those who prove themselves by service. Its badge is Argent, semy of lozenges azure.

Kingdom Orders and Awards

Membership of these orders or receipt of these awards bestow no rank for the purpose of the Order of Precedence.

  • Queen's Order of Courtesy: Given at the whim of the Queen for exemplary display of the chivalric ideal. Its badge is Fieldless, an escallop OR.
  • Shark's Tooth: Given by the Monarch (either the King or Queen) for exemplary skill at arms. Its badge is Fieldless, a shark's tooth natural.
  • King's Award of Excellence: Given at the whim of the King for any sort of excellence. Its badge is Or, the King's initial azure.
  • Undine: Given by the Queen for personal service. Its badge is Or, the Queen's initial azure.
  • Sea-Urchin: Given to young children by the Crown in recognition of their contributions or good deeds. Its badge is Fieldless, a sea-urchin azure.
  • Order of Nonpareil: This award honors and recognizes those who have shown excellence, honour, courtesy or chivalry above and beyond any duty. The members of this Order exemplify what it means to be an Atlantian. This award may be given only once per reign and is conveyed solely at the discretion of the Crown. Its badge is Or, a sword between four towers sable.
  • Silver Nautilus: This award is the gift of the King and Queen jointly or individually to those who have distinguished themselves by an extraordinary achievement in the Arts and Sciences. Its badge is Fieldless, a nautilus shell argent.