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A goal sought by some, and actively despised, feared and criticized by others. The way it was actually done "back then". People who try to pursue this goal are often referred to as Authenticity Mavins or Authenticity Nazis, or Authenticity Police, or some other such insulting terms.

In the SCA (as stated in Corpora), you must make an attempt at pre-16th century garb, although it's always nice to see people making an effort beyond this. There are several ways the SCA encourage authenticity, although some of these (which are given the lables above) unfortunately can give the rest of their group a bad name. These groups are:

  • College of Heralds - Full documentation is required to register your SCA name and device.
  • Arts & Sciences - Authenticity is a criteria when judging A&S competitions. Normally documentation is required]]
  • Fighters - Well, although duct tape may still be used as strap substitutes, bike helmets are no longer permitted as legal armour, and most people wear a tabard over their pickle barrel armour bits.
  • Dancing - Most SCA dance practices mostly teach period dances these days.
  • Camping - More and more period pavillions are being seen at camping events.
  • Feasts - Most feastocrats serve period food at events, and avoid using new world foods. (Yes, it's true: not all SCA food has to involve saltanas or cloves, and period food can taste good. Mmm.. what's better than a side of marinated roast lamb?!)