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A number of SCA Kingdoms lay claim over Antarctica, and the official information doesn't always give the same opinion in this matter.

There are several viewpoints surrounding the 'ownership' of Antarctica but it should be noted that, however valid, the populace there considers themselves part of Trimaris.

  1. Trimaris can only lay claim to a small part of Antarctica. Corpora states that postcodes cannot be split between groups, and most of Antarctica is covered by a postcode in Tasmania which is properly claimed by the Barony of Ynys Fawr. Trimaris' claim is sometimes based on the belief that Trimaris is the closest SCA group to Antarctica and that the USA are somehow the administrators of that territory (when in reality Australia administers the largest holdings on the continent). The group in Cape Town, South Africa (part of the Kingdom of Drachenwald) would also have a fair claim to some of this land.
  2. The main SCA web site (, states that Trimaris covers: "Majority of Florida, Panama, and Antarctica." The SCA group that is actually based in Antarctica because of "research" facilities down there, are known as the Incipient Barony of the Southern Wastes and they claim they are part of Trimaris (see: The Trimaris site in their FAQ does however say that they have "a sometimes claim" over Antarctica and Panama.
  3. The Barony of the Southern Wastes website says that the populace lives at McMurdo Station and the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station both of which are run by the USA.