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Over the years, a number of SCA Kingdoms have laid formal claim over Antarctica, only one of which - Lochac - has an extant claim which has been approved by the SCA BoD.

There are several viewpoints surrounding the 'ownership' of Antarctica but it should be noted that it is a very large continent hosting visitors from many mundane lands, all generally there on a short-term basis and with no recognised SCA group permanently based there.

  1. Two Baronies which are now part of Lochac - the Barony of Southron Gaard and Barony of Ynys Fawr - made independent claims to "parts of Antarctica" when each was formed in the early 1980s. Over the years, these groups have contested their claims internally within Lochac and also combined to resist claims from others.
  2. Some years later, The Kingdom of Trimaris presented a claim to the BoD which the BoD initially approved and then overturned at their next quarterly meeting, upon a successful submission from Lochac demonstrating the existence of the prior claims (see
  3. Trimaris have no recognised claim at this time, with the FAQ on the Trimaris site stating only that they have "a sometimes claim" over Antarctica and Panama.
  4. Lochac's home page ( says that the Kingdom comprises "Australia, New Zealand and their Antarctic territories".
  5. The main SCA web site (, states that Lochac covers "Australia, New Zealand, parts of Antartica" and makes no mention of Antarctica in relation to any other SCA Kingdom.
  6. A group based at two US stations in Antarctica, known as the Incipient Barony of the Southern Wastes, created a web site in 2002-3 but did not achieve formal recognition in the SCA and has shown no activity since 2003 (see: