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* [[hauriant]]
* [[hauriant]]
* [[naiant]]
* [[naiant]]
* [[pissant]]
* [[rampant]]
* [[rampant]]
* [[salient]]
* [[salient]]

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In period heraldry animals were a frequent charge. Although some animals, such as the lion were heavily favoured, there is still a huge number of animals, both real and imaginary, which were used. Note that the depiction of some animals in heraldry differed from their natural forms, and these are known as heraldic beasts.


Creatures of the sea

Land Animals

  • Heraldic lion -- which is sometimes also referred to as an leopard, especially in the English royal arms.
  • Bear -- Generally the heraldic bear looks very like the real thing, as opposed to some beasts which are highly stylised.

Insects and reptiles


Airborne creatures



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