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Animals crop up in many areas of the SCA:

  • Feasts: All manner of animals, from birds and beasts, to rodents and fish, can be marinated, boiled, stewed, roasted, baked, fried, stuffed, preserved and eaten!
  • Heraldry: Animals can be used as heraldic charges.
  • A&S:
    • rearing of animals:falconry
    • animal products:
      • skin (Leatherwork)
      • fur - to line or decorate clothing
      • wool spinning and weaving
      • felt - made by compressing wool or fur
      • flesh cooking (subtelties, or as mentioned above under 'feasts')
      • feathers millinery (feathers, felt or leather can be used)
      • horn - used to make a variety of objects including tablet weaving cards
      • ivory - a denser type of horn from elephant, hippopotamus or walrus, prized to make carved objects eg cosmetic cases, chess pieces, statues,
      • bones - make a variety of objects including spoons,needles, statuettes and games and toys (e.g. knuckebones, children's teething rings) also food setting agents eg gelatine (is this medieval?, I'm sure marrow was)
      • fertilizer
      • misc - dyes (various bits from animals were used in pigments/paints and dyestuffs) eg [tyrian purple] from molluscs, perfumes (musk from deer)