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The Anglo Saxon period of England lasted roughly from the 5th century until the defeat of Harold Godwinson in 1066.


At the beginning of the 6th century England was populated by Brythonic Celts and a migrant population of Angles, Saxons and Danes. These groups gradually encroached, supported by further immigration from mainland Europe, displacing the British population. With the remnants of Celtic power pushed to the west in Wales, Cumbria and Cornwall, numerous Anglo-Saxon kingdoms began to emerge. The seven most powerful, known as the Heptarchy, were successively united by war, until in 829 Egbert was named King of all England.


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The Old-English language spoken by the Anglo-Saxons was a West Germanic language, related to Old Frisian and Old-Saxon.


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Arts and Sciences

Music and poetry

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Very little is known about Anglo Saxon music, as only a small amount was ever written down. Several instruments are known about, some through archaeological digs.

Anglo-Saxon poetry was alliterative.

Fibre arts


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