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Born around 1078, fourth son of [[Malcolm III]] Canmore, '''Alexander III''' succeeded his brother [[Edgar|Edgar the Peaceable]] on the [[Scotland|Scottish]] [[throne]], in 1107. His mother was Margaret, daughter of Edward Atheling, son of [[Edmund Ironside]].<br>
By Edgar's instructions, however, the entire southern districts, south of the Forth-Clyde divide, were created an [[earl]]dom for another of his brothers, [[David I|David]], and Alexander was unsuccessful in obtaining these lands for his own rule.<br>
History records Alexander as a militant warrior and a pious churchman, founding several bishoprics and abbeys, including those of Scone and Inchcolm (which led to quarrels with the [[England|English]] metropolitan sees, who re greater Scots ecclesiastical independence). At the same time Alexander relentlessly searched out the last remnants of the House of Atholl, extirpating any he found, as a means of preventing insurrections. He also supported [[Henry I]]'s efforts to subjugate [[Wales]] in 1114, leading troops to assist in the campaign.
He married Sybilla, natural daughter of the English [[king]], [[Henry I]], in the same year as he took the throne, but their marriage was childess and she died in 1122.
<br>Alexander died in 1124 and was succeeded by his brother [[David I|David]].
He was named for the [[Pope]] , Alexander II. ''Post mortem'', he received the by-name "The Fierce".

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