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This is the entry for [[agate]] from Maplet's [[A Greene Forest]]
====Of Achates.====
''Achates'' is a kinde of Gemme, but black in colour, enterlined here & there with white vaines: and it is called ''Achates'' of a certaine floud of that name in ''[[Sicily|Cicilie]]'', about the which floud this ''Achates'' was well found. There is a certain kind hereof seene sometimes in ''[[Crete]]'' as ''[[Diascorides]]'' witnesseth, having strokes on eche side like to blew vaines. There is another kinde in [[India|Indie]] bespotted on everie part with spottes like bloud. That of ''Crete'' is saith to make a man gracious, and to bring him in favour. That of ''Indie'' is good for the eiesight it remedieth venome, and being put into the fire is odoriferus.

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