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The Barony of Aarnimetsä is an SCA group in Finland. It is part of the Kingdom of Drachenwald. SCA membership in Finland is organised by SKA.


  • Canton of Hukka (Greater Helsinki area)
  • Canton of Humalasalo (Tampere, H�meenlinna, Valkeakoski)
  • Canton of Kaarnemaa (Oulu)
  • Canton of Miehonlinna (Kouvola, Kuusakoski)
  • Canton of Poukka (Kotka)
  • Canton of Torna (Kemi, Tornio, Rovaniemi)
  • Canton of Unikankare (Turku)

Past Barons and Baronesses

Anna von Urwald (Anna af Aarnimetsä, Founding Baroness) & Celestinus Mac Criomhthainn
Edmund of Oakcastle & Uta Boucht
Helena von Eltz
Godwin Olafson & Emelyne of Twynham
Dafydd Myfyrgar & Zölderdödy Aléna
Per Foughdilain & Mór inghean Briain

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