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====Of Beastes, Foules, Fishes. &c.====
====Of Beastes, Foules, Fishes. &c.====
* [[Dragon (Maplet)|Dragon]]

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A Greene Forest was written by John Maplet and published in 1567. Its full title is A greene Forest, or a naturall Historie, wherein may be seene first the most sufferaigne Vertues in all the whole kinde of Stones and Mettals: Next of Plants, as of Herbes, Trees & Shrubs, Lastly the brute beastes, Foules, Fishes, creeping wormes & Serpent, and that Alphabetically: So that a Table shall not neede.

The Book

Of Stones and Metals

Of Trees, Herbes & Shrubs

Of Beastes, Foules, Fishes. &c.